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How to tighten up the Equinox 66ED lens cell?

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I've noticed recently on my SW Equinox 66ED that the dew shield was sagging a bit downwards when fully extended. When examining it, I thought the lens cell was moving with the dew shield. when I turned the dew shield, the lens cell freely turned with it. I kept turning the dew shield clockwise until the lens cell stopped turning.

It has now stopped sagging, but although I'd srewed it in a fair way, how do I know that it is properly tightened?

There is a chromed ring at one end of the dew shield and logic tells me that this could be unsrewed to take of the dew shield, so I can access the lens cell, but it ain't shifting. Is there a way around this?

This could also serve as warning for other Equinox and other equivalent telescopes, as sometimes they arrive with not everything tightened up.

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