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  1. Are you still interested in the Porta Mount that I have up for sale?

  2. I was going to say if it has the same tube diameter as the ZS66, it would be smaller and lighter than the Megrez 72, but looking at specs on their website, they both weigh the same and the Megrez 72 collapses to a smaller length.
  3. Floaters are one thing, I have a piece of loose jelly in my right eye that has to be check once a year. The hospital won't do anything about it unless it causes a cataract. If I move my eyeballs left to right a few times quickly, It looks like someone squished a spider on my eyeball and it still kicking it legs about . It destroy the view in an eyepiece, though with a binoview it looks like frogspawn.
  4. If you want to go down the Vixen Portamount route then I would go for the Portamount II than the mini version.
  5. Backlog????????????????? Yesterday, I ordered two eyepieces and an adapter................today they arrived. What's going on?
  6. Thanks for the coments so far, something for me to think about.
  7. As it says in the title. At the moment I am using a Baader Hyperion 13mm and that is the best I have got for the PST. I would like a zoom eyepiece that is at least equal in performance. The contenders are:- Baader Hyperion MkIII Meade Zoom Lunt zoom Pentax XF 19.5-6.5mm Any others, I'll be happy to hear about.
  8. Can't help you with the labels, but the image is great, nice catch.
  9. Another tip is to get the Vixen Tripod accessory tray http://www.vixenoptics.co.uk/Pages/mount_tripod_accessories.htm . It clamps on easily and helps reduce vibrations, especially if you have heavy eyepieces that you can keep in there. I would also reconmend Vibration Supression Pads First Light Optics - Celestron Vibration Suppression Pads. They certainly help at higher powers.
  10. William Optics 7x50, the view is very clear and sharp with these.
  11. I always thought it was Astreya Optics who did the optics on the WO158, the same as the FLT98. I could be wrong about the 158 though.
  12. Looking good, I was out with my PST this afternoon and that large prominence did look good.
  13. Thats a good looking photo.
  14. The Hyperion zoom seems a useful bit of kit for the PST.
  15. Does the army still train there, there'll be plenty of flares lighting up the night sky if ther're doing there night exercises.
  16. Great picture, I'm hoping get my PST out this weekend.
  17. The 28mm UWAN/Nirvana is a huge eyepiece, but it is around the same size as the 31mm Nagler, and not much bigger/heavier than the 26mm Nagler & 35mm Panoptic.
  18. The ST80 is the better travelscope, the ST102 is a fair bit larger and heavier.
  19. Steve, thanks for the offer. I'd be more than happy to write a review about it. I'll pm my details.
  20. I got mine at the end of last week. I had a blast with it on Saturday morning. I used a William Optics SPL 12.5mm eyepiece with it. It was a lot sharper than i imagined it to be and I saw plenty of detail on the disc, especially with the tuning ring turned nearly fully anti clockwise. As someone mentioned above, there is a little bit of play but nothing to worry about. Can't wait to get it out again.
  21. Is the PST caddy worth getting or will a baseball cap do the job just as well?
  22. Hi Jonathan, I use to have one of these on an EQ1 mount and I loved it and what you want it for it's perfect.
  23. My brother brought the previous generation of these scopes, the Powerseeker 114. It was a very poor scope. What shocked me more was the mount. It looked like the EQ2, but it wasn't. While the EQ1 & 2 supplied by Skywatcher were made out of casted metal, the Celestron Powerseeker's was made out of pressed metal. About the same thickness of a baked bean tin. It was wobblier than a Weeble. I do hope these are better.
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