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Mains supply to 12v

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Apologies i know this has been covered before but after searching the forums and finding numerous posts it has left me some what confused as to what i need.

What i require is to be able to run my synscan goto for my 150p from the mains supply , previousely i had one of the maplin battery packs but alas it does not seem to retain its charge for very long now so going to dump that.

Most of my viewing is done outside in the garden so mains power is not really a problem but not sure which power supply to go for from maplins.

This one has been mentioned 12V 5A Cigarette Socket Power Supply : Cigarette Socket Power Supplies : Maplin but i was just wanting to make sure it is the correct one or are there any better alternatives from maplins.

Many thanks

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Dont see why that shouldnt be ok for your mount.

I recently bought the variable power supply (6-15v, 4-5amp), is working ok so far

As far as I know the Synscans draw around 2amps so it should be ok

Someone will correct me if i'm wrong, i'm no electritcian, but Ive not blown up yet :p

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