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Which side of the sky can I find Jupiter?

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You may see a tiny disk, a bit wider then a star, and 4 dots in a line (the moons). 15x is not enough for any detail on the planets.

Jupiter is rising in the East at about 1am and Saturn is setting down in the west, early after sunset.

Download stellarium to check where the planets are placed at any time.

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Hello Shanmugam,

guessing you are in Chennai, India.. Jupiter will rise at about 11 o'clock from East (90 degrees exactly) at 1 am it should be pretty high to see.

Saturn, along vith Venus and Mars, will be visible in the west side just after sunset (Venus will be visible even before sunset because it is so bright right now)

Venus will be the brigtest, then toward up and little bit left to it is Mars with a red tint. and above mars (half the distance between mars and Venus) is Saturn.

and if you put your monocular on a tripod and the optics is good, you should be able to just make out the rings of Saturn. no detail though and no separation between the rings and the planet.

you might want to download Stellarium, its free and really good.

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