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  1. Which side of the sky should I look for planets like Jupiter,Saturn etc? I have a 15x15 monocular.. Is that magnification enough for me to see them?
  2. I haven't used any telescopes yet... Should learn how to use them or will it be pretty easy, similar to Binoculars?
  3. I saw the IMAX hubble trailor which was in anaglyph but I heard that the full Hubble movie is not in ordinary anaglyph 3d Thank you for those links NigelM.. I have started downloading the videos
  4. I am trying to find out the binocular of which specification is good for watching planets.. I have a 15x15 monocular using which I can't see anything special except that the moon looks little closer..Stars look better in the naked eye than this monocular.. I find 10x50 costing rs.4000 but 30x30 costing half that price.. Shouldn't price go high for higher magnification? Which one should I go for?
  5. Actually, In India it differs from place to place.. We get a lot of rain in the western coast this month but my place is in the eastern coast.. And it was not the same the last month but this month it is ok...
  6. Climate is very good now.. Not so hot and not so cold.. We will enjoy this weather at least for another three months The sky is very clear
  7. I am trying to find out if there are any 3d movies showing planets and stars... Those movies should be viewable in home using anaglyph glasses (with normal red cyan glasses) If movies are not there, then are there any 3d astronomical video clippings?
  8. Hi, I am Shanmugam from India... Joined the forum today and would like to actively participate in discussions... Anyone from Chennai, India here?
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