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Nikon D40 question


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I have the above camera and I want to try using it at night with my William Optics ZS66sd.

I have searched the internet and found web site's, that show DSLR images of astronomical objects, but it appears that every body is using Canon DSLR's.

Is the Nikon D40, a suitable camera for astro imaging; Or would I just be wasting my time and effort.

And... more importantly are there any websites showing pictures of the cosmos taken with the D40.

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Hi Paul,

There have been a few threads on Nikons recently. The latest is - http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-discussion/108029-imaging-nikon-july.html

I think you have a triple contact battery.

The D40 was Nikon's attempt to break into the point and shoot market ( 2006 ). Low price, nothing fancy just good images and ease of use. I think the CCD was the same as, or near to, the D70/50. Not a bad lens also.

For the price of an adapter you can bung it on the back of the scope and have a go.

As you are not new to the imaging game just try it and see.

Not many web sites that I know of. By the time the D40 had come out the Canons had become the weapon of choice. However, the noise was about the same as the 300/350 D as far as I can remember.


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Has Dave said give it a go especially if you haev the bits and pieces to connect it to the scopes...

I started out using A Nikon D200 and Nikon D50 but soon converted to Canons for Astro use. A cheap timer remote for ebay , a t-adptor and about 50mm of extension (to replace the diagonal) should get you up and running...

I wonder why Nikon dont provide you with the same software "out of the box" that Canon do - With canon you get the remote shooting utils and everything else you need included with the cameras... I did pic up a junk box which had an unopened Nikon Capture 2 CD in it a few weeks back otherwise its a fairly costly purchase...


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Hi Peter,

Nikon don't provide you with even an earlier version of there camera control software which is a real pain in the butt.

I've been on the internet looking for alternatives and found some, but unfortunately the one's that I have tried do not work.

The software which Nikon provide is quite expensive, so I don't think that I shall be buying it. I don't understand why Nikon don't give you a copy with the camera? It seems a very negative way of doing things.

I am going to test my D40 and see just what I can achieve with it. If I am not happy with the results then I will have to re-think, and sell some equipment to fund a Canon D1000.

I am prepared to swap my Atik16IC for one, if you know of anybody who wants a CCD camera.

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