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My first colour CCD image


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I hasten to add it is not my first ever image but it is my first using a mono CCD camera - Atik 383L+ with Baader LRGB filters on a SW 120ED scope at F6.4 inc dedicated SW flattener, guided with PHD/50mm finder.

L = 12 x 5 mins RGB = 4 x 5mins - no darks or flats used.

Combined in Registar and a quick bit of post processing.

It is a bit exciting this mono stuff, just a quick data grab last night to try out the new wheel and filters

Thanks for looking


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Thats a nice result from your 1st ccd colour pic, don't know about the others, but the background looks a bit blue. Other then that I would be happy with a result like that.


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Thanks guys, it might be a bit blue, my main purpose was to at least get a colour image from the LRGB subs I had, I am back onto that steep learning curve, no more simple single DSS stacking with the DSLR, merging the RGB I used Registar but having done a bit of reading at lunch time I am not so sure that is the best way.

I also need to determine the best exposure combo between the L R G and B filters and whether to bin the RGB etc etc then get a work flow sorted in my head.


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