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Silly question I am sure

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I have a Skywatcher Explorer 130p, is there a way, or should that be what is the best way to hook up a simple webcam to the eye piece so that a disabled friend can see the images on a laptop screen? Only needs to be able to show up some lunar features and simple views of the saturn/mars etc.

I would have thought any simple webcam would do the job, but thought I should ask as I would have no idea what to use to attach it to the scope, any help/links are much appreciated.

Thank you,

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You will have difficulty getting an image on screen using a webcam, unless the webcam lens has been removed.

The telescope becomes the lens, and the image that the scope forms, should fall directly onto the webcams sensor. Then all you need to do, is carefully focus it.

There are some tutorials available that show how to modify certain webcam models, or alternatively, you could look for one for sale on Astro Forum sale boards.

Also, if you do get one, then not only could it show images onscreen, by using capture software, you can capture the data, and using a free stacking programme such as Registax, you can combine the images and print off the images. Some really great lunar and planetary Images have been produced with the simple webcam.



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