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  1. Hi all, I am looking for a new compact camera around £150-£200 for normal holiday usage. I was curious if there is anything I could get that would be able to be used for short exposure work with my scope? I know they are not really built for the job but if there is anything that could get a reasonable image with the scope that would be great. Should I be looking CCD or CMOS for example? Many thanks for reading.
  2. Are these in stock yet? Website is still says first week of Feb.
  3. Thank you, The se6 fits very snug behind the couch. I don't think the 800 would so I would either have to store it in two parts or find somewhere else for it.
  4. Hello all, I cant find an answer to this anywhere online. What is the size of the footprint of the tripod on the CPC800? I mean if the legs are as short as they can be, so full "in" but all out so it is able to stand up what is the distance between them? I currently have a SE6 and want to know if the 800 would take up more floor space than that as it is a tight fit on the ground for the SE6. Sorry for mess of the question, but it would be really helpful. Thanks,
  5. Hello all, I have been flip flopping between getting the SE8 or SE6 for a while now and I really cant decide. I am upgrading from the scope in my sig. I was all set on the SE8 but looking on FLO it is £433 more than the 6, would it really be that much better? Or would i be better getting the 6 and spending a few hundred quid on some accessories (filters/eyepieces?) I know both are great scopes and I am sure I would be happy with either, just looking for someone to help me in one direction or the other Many thanks.
  6. Hello all, A really easy question so I have posted it in here. I have a First Light Optics - Skywatcher Explorer 130P SynScan AZ GOTO which I use mostly from my own garden. Could someone post a link to an adapter that I can plug it into a wall socket? Seems a bit pointless that I have been using a power tank while I am only 4 feet away from the shed. I have had a look myself but cant see any that are made for the job so if someone could point me in the right direction would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Mike
  7. Hello all, Around 18 months ago I bought my first scope, a 130mm reflector. I loved using it and spent many cold nights under the skies. However after a while it became too much effort to get it out from under the bed and all set up, so more and more often I would not get it out. So much so it has not been out once this year So I want to buy something that is truly grab and go that i can get set up in just a few minutes if the weather is right. Also if I can easy get it in the car and take off to a new site that would be a massive bonus. Anyways sorry for rambling, I have seen on the Celestron cpc800 or the Nexstar SE8. I prefer the look of the CPC and the mount looks far superior. I have never seen either in the flesh so in real terms is the CPC of a size that I could leave it set up in a box and get it out easy enough?
  8. Just trying my hand at a few moon pics tonight. Why does my webcam focus so much better on the moon when I have the scope "lid" on with the small cap removed?
  9. My collamitaion was very badly out, this could well have been a problem. I cant really test it until later on though.
  10. You think it could be distance? My feeling was that it wasn't centred properly. But I will have a look into the distance, thanks
  11. When I put my spc900, with the screw in eye piece into my scope it does not show anything. I pointed my scope directly at a street light, i could see it in my eye piece obviously. When I put in my camera as I was putting it into the focuser on my scope I could see the light on my laptop screen but when it was fully in the screen was black. I guess that the image is not getting onto the chip in the camera but how can i change this? I had a fiddle around with it, seems that I can get an image on screen if I hold the camera outside the focuser but once the adaptor is in the scope i cant find the image at all.
  12. When I get back to the xp comp, will i need to install the drivers on there at all or do i just plug it in and it will see it is a 900 then i know it is done?
  13. No I cant today, its at the in laws house. <shudder> I will try and get it done again tomorrow. Shame because it looks like a crystal clear night tonight.
  14. To be honest I do not know if it said it was a 900 after doing it. It may well be that it has not flashed properly.
  15. Somebody please help me. I have flashed the camera, I am now on my windows 7 laptop that i want to use. I have installed the drivers from the phillips website but no matter how hard i try I can not get the camera to work. I am not able to find where the drivers get installed to, and i have found a 900 nc folder but it does not seem to have drivers for windows 7, says the .inf file is not for x86 bit windows. Any help???
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