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Really poorly guys. Might not be able to make it


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I'm trying to get over a nasty virus I've had since the weekend and it looks like it's not going to go in a hurry. Have been in bed all morning. I think it might be a bit silly to spend two nights out in the cold and having to drive for three hours each way. I haven't had a virus for months and this one hits me now! Plus having waited all year for this party. I'm reeeeeeeally angry and upset! :D:mad::)

I'm going to try inhaling some tea tree in a bowl of hot water. I've been downing vit C like it's going out of fashion plus zinc, wild oregano oil and even colloidal silver!

Wish me luck but I really don't think it's going to happen for me this weekend.:D


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Well, I don't feel quite so wobbly and dizzy now so feel it may be safe to drive tomorrow! I'll leave at 7am so I can get to the talks and there'll be little traffic. Wish me luck! I hope this evening goes OK with great seeing!


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