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skymax 127 goto

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Hi all, could anyone help me with the skymax 127 goto, i've had some fantastic views of the moon, and being very new to this it was my wow factor (only used it 3 times), i have read the sparce mannual time and time again, and was under the impression that the goto would automatically follow the moon wihout me slewing, am i wrong??, or is there something i'm doing wrong? thankyou for your time, Lindon.

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I need some serious help. I have just purchased my new Skymax 127 goto. This is my very first telescope and I can't wait to use it. Only I have one small problem, and am a

Bit embarrassed to ask. I'm not sure if I've set up the eyepiece correctly! There was no guidance on how to do this and I had to use some guess work. I have placed the diagonal mirror first and then mounted the 25mm eyepiece on top. I haven't used the Barlow lenses at this stage. If this set up is correct, can anyone explain why I can't see anything at all through the eyepiece? And before any smart arses answer, yes I have removed all lense caps and covers!! Please help me, and don't laugh. I am such a novice and have only ever viewed the night skies through scopes already set up.

I could have had a fabulous view of Mars tonight as well! Help!

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Yes the scope will track the moon for you, but you have to align it with the sky first. This means pointing it at a few stars and giving it your time and location. Once it knows where one or two stars are, it can figure out where everything else is for you - but you have to help it to find those first two stars.

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