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i have no idea

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Telstar 700×76 Reflector Telescope | Reviews, Specs, Images

is it this telescope? if so you have a 700mm focal length newtonian reflector telescope with a 76mm apeture (mirror). it should reach about 150x magnification.

If this is the telescope you have it looks identical to the one I borrowed from my brother before I bought my own first telescope.

It says on the review above that the scope comes with a 4mm eyepiece, a 20mm eyepiece, a 3x barlow lens and a 1.5x erecting eyepiece. The eyepieces that came with my brothers scope were quite poor if i remember rightly and if yours are the same they will hold the telescope back.

Assuming you have got the telescope and eyepieces mentioned above, forget the 4mm eyepiece altogether, you wont be able to achieve the 175x magnification it is trying to achieve. The 20mm on its own will give you 35x magnification and will be OK for looking at the moon, the orion nebula, the pleiades (the seven sisters), and jupiter and its moons(just after sunset). Try the 20mm with the erecting eyepiece and the barlow to achieve 52.5x magnification and 105x magnification respectively (try them on jupiter and you may be lucky and see some cloud banding and 4 moons) - but as I say, forget the 4mm.

If the eyepieces are the same plasticy horrible things that my brothers scope came with, its probably worth getting a couple of new ones to get the most from your scope.


have a look at the skywatcher super plossls - 20 quid each from FLO.

Magnification is found by dividing the focal length of the telescope (700mm??) by the focal length of the eyepiece so if you bought the 7.5mm and the 17mm you would have magnifications of 93x and 41x (as 700/7.5=93 and 700/17=41). 150x mag is about the maximum for a 76mm apeture telescope (dont believe what it says on the box!!).

Also if your gonna start stargazing is worth downloading Stellarium - a virtual night sky. its cool Stellarium

Hope this helps - good luck:)


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A barlow is e secondary lens that is placed between the focuser and the eyepiece. A barlow lens increases the focal length of the telescope by a factor of 2, 3 or more depending on the barlow used. For example a 2x barlow will increase the focal length of your telescope to 1400mm and so increasing the magnification of the eyepiece in use.


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When you decide you need a bigger scope (and you will, very very soon) I have an excellent 8" Skywatcher Dob for sale. I cannot put it in the for sale section just yet as I am striving for 10 posts! It is on UK Astro Buy & Sell though.

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