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Meteors in Orion...?


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I just went out to see what the sky looked like for five minutes (too p*ssed to do any serious skywatching) - looks like a nice sky tonight.

I was gazing at Orion at around 00:30 and something shot across the low part of Orion - lasted for only a few seconds at high speed.

I had a bit of a meteor search but couldn't quite work out what I saw. It flew from left to right...Geminids...?

Satellite, meteor, meteorite, alien invaders...?

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You could have seen a satellite. Was it fairly bright? If so, and it was flying left to right, it seems likely that it was a satellite. And if it disappeared after a few seconds, it could be because of the Sun. I am sure you would already know this, however. Lol. Great observation, though.

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I have to agree with Steve - I was lucky enough to see a satellite with the naked eye a few years ago and it moved pretty slowly...this shot past and seemed to disappear within a very short time. But then i can see how the glint of the sun could also be brief off a satellite.

I'm still going with the meteor - I had another look at the Geminids and it seems quite possible from their origins in Gemini, that one could head across the lower (nether?) regions of Orion from there.

Anyway - always worth looking up...:D

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If it was a Geminid, it will be seen to be travelling away from the radiant in Gemini. If not, it would have been a sporadic meteor. You won't see satellites bang in the middle of the night.

Meteors travel a hundred to a thousand times faster than satellites and a million times faster than comets! :-) Come on, fess up - you didn't mean comet did you? you meant meteor :-)


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