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NGC 7000 first attempt


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Hello guys.

Have you seen my latest and incidently only ever viewed (not actually viewed actually but photographed) NGC object ? No - well you saw it here first!! NGC 7000 aka the north american nebula.

Perhaps North America was fogbound on this particular evening, but I'm fairly pleased to have picked it up at all given that this is only 2x 4 min exposures at ISO 800. I just thought I'd give it a go seeing as my goto accuracy seemed to be a bit more up to scratch after doing a 3 star alignment for a change !!

I had to stretch the contrast almost to breaking point.

Please tell me I'm not imagining it ??

Cheers Richard

canon 300d with M42 adaptor.

HEQ5 Pro

500mm M42 telephoto on MDF with old dovetail mounted underneath.

Oh and some crosshairs made out of 0.5mm solder wire.

No expense spared !


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Thanks very much for your comments. My aim is to get more exposures on this. But it's getting a bit late on in the year for Cygnus now wouldn't you say.

Anyway it's not stopped raining for ages. It's seems to be either that or a full moon at the moment.

Frustrating !!!

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