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remote viewing ?

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Hi all

can anyone give me advice on remote imaging.we have a sirius observatory with maxdome2 control software connected to the dome pc and a vixen scope on a g11 mount what I am trying to do is view images from the scope live maybe via a web cam in a school classroom, there is a LAN between the dome and school but the classroom is only wireless,any suggestions which software may be the best bet .I've tried team viewer remote desktop to control the dome and that works fine but it will not work on the web cam I can open the webcam software but cannot see the image remotly.so we then tried a webcast with justintv,that works but the quality left a lot to be desired.would vnc be a better bet rather than a web based system and any suggestions for remote viewing.Many thanks for any help Dave

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Hi, Still not sure what you need but If you want to image planets,moon and sun (be aware you will need a special filter to view the sun) you can use a webcam plugged into the computer at the telescope. Use VNC or one of the others mentioned to connect a remote computer to the scope computer.

Choose a webcam that has low light capability and has a ccd sensor , these are getting rare now. If you could find a philips vesta 675, 680 or Toucam pro or SPC900nc

these are all good.

Most webcams are ok for the moon or sun but the smaller planets require a low light sensitive webcam.

This webpage below will give you more info



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