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strange sighting too confirmed

neil phillips

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As I just read on the other thread me and three others saw excatly what was just reported on the strange sighting thread. I saw a comet like object but not with a long tail more spherical, towards its filght path (at the apex ) was a slight;y diffuse star like object. The star and glowing cloud were travelling at about satellite speed travelling roughly north.

As the object dimmed and flew off, I noticed a larger glowing cloud that at first I thought was just a cloud but it looked like the object that had just flown across the sky. but this was not spherical more of a hap hazzard shape, it didnt appear to be flying I dont think. but seemed to be drifting in the same direction as the comet like object and was defianetly glowing.

At this point I observered both objects with a pair of 50mm binos

It reminded me of M13 but much larger. I then obseverd possibly the same object ( Now brighter again ) or a different one appear low near the horizen, as a diffuse star but glowing the atmosphere around it.

Again the binos made it look like a deepsky object nebulouse and comet like. it was falling slowly but shortly dimmed. Im sure theres a explanation, But i can not see what it is ? comets can not move that fast. it was not a shooting star or fireball, chinese lattern ect. Hopefully some one explains this, Ive certainly never seen anything like it.

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Thanks for the update and link Dave,Very interesting event to watch. Wonder why the astronomical community wasnt told to watch out for this ? As a lot more people could have had a chance to view it. Its a shame, as those that were lucky enough to see it found it very interesting indeed

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