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I’m away from home tonight but have a Vixen Custom 80mm with me & a 30mm & 10mm ep. 144P/Kushida is well placed in the Hyades. Not found recent observations reported on SGL. Anything to report? Will find out how bright or otherwise the comet is later on if it is a clear night - but advice welcome.


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I checked out the Comet Chasing site and it says you need a 10" scope or larger. It might be well placed, but at magnitude 10.4 at the start of the month, and fading by 1.1 magnitudes at the end, it seems to be hard. I might give it a shot with my 8" scope from a dark site, but I am not sure how that will go.

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Thanks - I'll have a quick go anyway since am observing from the Cotswolds from a dark site. Kushida's near Aldebaran so worth a shot. Tried to find it with a 150mm reflector earlier in the month without any joy but the 

skies were not so dark. 

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I had my Dwarf II out this evening, and this is the stacked image (field rotation effects and all) downloaded to my tablet. The big searchlight is Aldebaran. I used manual entry of the epoch 2000.0 RA/Dec co-ordinates from Stellarium. The Dwarf required several 15-second captures before the comet was visible on the tablet's screen, and this image is the result of stacking 230.



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