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Processing different sets of data with 6.5nm and 3nm filters

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So I have 2 sets of SHO narrowband data, one set taken through 6.5nm filters and the other through 3nm filters..and all flats for each set..

What is the best way to stack and combine the lot, and produce 3 master files of SHO, and to make sure that in WBPP the correct lights match up with the correct flats, as there is no indication in the file names about which SHO filters were used 6.5nm or the 3nm..?


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I don't use the PI scripts, so for each filter I would do separately masterbias, superbias, master dark, calibrated flats, master flat, calibrated lights, cosmetic correction.  At this point I would choose one of the calibrated/cosmetic corrected lights from whatever filter to be the alignment reference for everything else.  Next step would be star alignment with that reference on each stack separately.  Final step is image integration combining the 6.5 and 3nm stacks for each narrowband into the master light for each narrowband. Simples ?


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Or rename your files to include a unique name in them so you can use the group settings in WBPP. I.e. select all files and do a bulk find & rename/replace.. eg. Ha with Ha_3nm with one set & Ha with Ha_65nm for the other. One nice thing with WBPP is it can remember your previous session so you don’t have to reload all files. You can pick just calibration or just integration or any combination so I find it quicker than the old way with the individual scripts especially if you arrange your files in directory’s in a way you can just point it to load everything from a directory to load up for each step. I’ve been revisiting data I shot on different rigs over many years. For some I’ve had better results by integrating each separate stack but you’ll need minimum of 3 and others were better with renaming the files and throwing them all in using the groupings for calibration sets. Even stacking different exposure times together like I had some Ha at 1200s and some at 900s. If you change the exposure tolerances in WBPP these can be integrated to one Ha stack. I had one recently amounting to over 60hrs worked fine.. took a while though 🤣

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