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  1. +1 for the unit @tomato recommended, I use it and it’s superb…..
  2. Yes, sorry I forgot to mention it was on the second edition, I have that one, it’s been out for about 12 months…
  3. I thought this version had the heated window, it’s shown on Aliexpress as having it…??
  4. Well what a con, I donated £5 for them, and no download link or anything….
  5. Dave Eagle has produced a decent book for using this software for Astro image processing….I got it some time ago…
  6. How does that site work, to get these…? Never used before….
  7. Yes but an OSC ASI2600 at 26 megapixel would still be better by far in resolution per colour than older mono CCD cameras, even at 1/4 of the resolution… But what you say is correct if the cameras were the same…
  8. Not that I know of, but I am certainly no expert on CMOS cameras….
  9. No VAT charged at checkout, it’s charged when it come to the destination country now, along with import duties and other fees…which would be at least £300, so still not a bad price…
  10. Including VAT for you, but it has to be added for us in the UK when we buy from EU…
  11. If you can afford the 2600, personally, I would go for it, and I am a lifelong CCD user, up till now, and am considering one myself, if I can find a second hand one….which is unlikely…
  12. Yes plus VAT and import duties…. For us here in the UK
  13. Well I am not going to argue, but there was a used 2600 a few weeks ago for £1450 on ABS, because I am well annoyed I missed out on it….
  14. Why does the difference have to be between used mono and new OSC, why not used against used….?
  15. How is it MUCH cheaper than OSC, when you pay more for the camera, need filter wheels and filters…
  16. Hello, Does anybody here use NINA, and a Starlight XPRESS camera, as I am having issue getting the cooling power graph to show correct information…it is just stuck at -1%, this is with the SX ASCOM driver, so if anyone uses a similar set up could you let me know if it’s just me or anyone using SX cameras… Thanks Stuart
  17. I really would not go down the dome route unless you plan to motorise too, as you will soon get fed up with going outside to move it round…also they are prone to condensation, so you will need to cost one of those into the price, and best to get a desiccant version, more expensive to buy and to run, but will work very well down to 1 degree. I went through all the thought process you are going through two years ago, and am glad I went the way I did… Just my twopeneth..
  18. If you don’t need the warm room, then I built this for under £500 from an off the shelf shed, 5 foot square, and it’s changed the hobby for the better forever….
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