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Have a Cigar (or not)


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A brief interlude from the rubbish weather about two weeks ago allowed me to have a go at the Cigar Galaxy M82.

I hoped and managed to get some good integration time using a UV filter for RGB and then a L-eXtreme filter for the Ha red stuff (which I knew was at the centre of this galaxy).

I produced two images, HaRGB and RGB versions, to see the difference between them. Well - only one of them gets the Cigar!!! You can choose your preferred one if you wish.

I managed 70 lights with the L eXtreme filter at 300secs (5.8hrs) and with the UV filter I managed 153 lights each of 120secs duration (5.1hrs).

Equipment used was my Zwo ASI 294MC Pro and SW200P reflector on HEQ5 mount.

Images are cropped.

The RGB Image:


The HaRGB Image:



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