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California Nebula


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The California Nebula (NGC 1499) in the constellation Perseus.

The conditions were not ideal being a bit windy in North Wales and a waxing gibbous Moon to boot.

But due to its intense hydrogen emission and having an  Optolong L-extreme filter in my imaging train I thought it was fair game!!

I managed 5.7hrs (57lights at 360secs) on a HEQ5 mount using a SW ED80 Refractor and Zwo asi294mc pro camera (unity gain, cooled to -10).

APT and PHD2 helped with image acquisition. Guiding remained stable with only about 15% of lights discarded.

Darks, Flats and dark flats to supplement lights which were stacked in DSS (no flat calibration issues with L-extreme I may add).

Fully processed in Photoshop CS.

CC's welcome.






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