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  1. Lovely evening of clear skies yesterday here at Pencelli. Thought I'd leave you with a few subs acquired yesterday, would be lovely to meet more members of the SWAG group, yet very happy to have met the present peeps here now!!
  2. Hello all, After cowering away to the March Star Party due to this everlasting COVID situation and considering that Pencelli is not on lockdown through these new measures.... I'm going!!! just hoping the weather allows us some clear nights Can't wait to meet you all and have a nice old geekout, whiskey at the ready to warm the cockles
  3. Hey Macavity, Well at least I see your post as intentionally constructive!!! I admit to have only started this line of enquiry to see what people here thought.... I dont see MIDI as a protocol that ONLY deals with music instruments.... in this day and age that assumption would simply be daft!! Ask Video Jockeys, Disc Jockeys, 3D Visual Artists and large concert touring to not work with MIDI as a way of ONLY triggering things with absolutely no link to musicality whatsoever.... Perhaps this resurgence of the protocol and its modern use by many industries, still evade
  4. Hello there peeps! Got an itch that needs scratching and thought I'd better throw the question here, perhaps someone has tackled something similar before already? Some Context: I own a Losmandy mount, quite oftenly I will place it to use, with a very good Polar Align but won't necessarily bother with a star align (to my knowledge this then disables the use of the rather archaic remote pad, which only becomes available once the mount 'knows' where it is). But would still love to have access to a remote as I'm allowed to have directly on the Gemini software on the PC withou
  5. Hello lovely peeps, Well I just spoke to them and swapped my dates from the previous SWAG Star Party (to which due to COVID I didn't attend) to these new dates, so looking forward to meeting you all
  6. Amazing tutorial!!! helped to make a complicated subject easy and accessible to many!! Thanks
  7. Hello there lovely peeps, As to get the best out of my mount and AP I've invested in a PoleMaster and I'v very happy with it!! Has anyone noted how inaccurate the polar align software they offer is?? I mean, SharpCap, using the polemaster camera, seems to do a way more accurate job at getting it spot on!! With that said and out of the way, my question is, from the experience of you very experienced souls out there, could someone explain why my polar alight would be in the 'Excellent' range on one side, but shift to 'Good/Fair or even Poor' as I slew my scope? I'
  8. Nice work Xiga!!! Question when you say 2-3 hours you mean of total integration time? How long do you run your exposures / ISO and so on? I'm curious to understand what it takes (other than post-prod) to achieve such lovely pics
  9. Hey Tim, With DSLR's and Galaxy season what kind of exposure time & Iso do you find works best as to get the level of detail you are getting? Hope you dont mind me asking
  10. Hey James, Could I ask you what camera are you using to get these results? Ta
  11. You are right!! it's not only a matter of killing Mel Brooks, it's more about being considerate and mindful towards others and it remains entirely being a personal choice on how seriously to respond to this pandemic!! On this light and also looking at the poor weather we are most likely to get, it saddens me to say I won't be attending this weekend. Have fun one and all and hope to meet you sometime soon!! Chau for now
  12. I really don't want to be a party pooper.... but is everybody choosing to join happy with the maybe unprobable? I personally don't care, assuming that through my age my probs of death are low, happy to move forward and not care.... are you? just wanting to make sure everyone that goes is FULLY aware of probable consequences.... I hear rumours milling around that might suggest Monsieur Boris might be forcing a compulsory lockdown from Friday onwards for 15 days...
  13. Not heard anything official against this.... Some mad fools are still heading there, me included
  14. I got all my work in the forseable future cancelled due to the virus.... to me that means I need to find more things to do with all this generated free time (being sensible of course). So the more time in an open field, the better!! I will definitely be attending, in fact I was originally planning to get there Saturday, looking and the weather, im really considering if I can make it there from Thursday but that is still TBC Looking forward to meeting all the intrepid peeps that make it, if we are allowed to gather by the campsite that is.
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