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Rosette Nebula


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The Rosette Nebula in Monoceros (the 'Unicorn' constellation) and open cluster NGC 2244. I have been meaning to revisit this nebula and got my chance last week (I've only been trying for three years)!!

Even so, the weather was problematic (as usual) and I lost a few subs (approx. 50%) but still managed 30 lights of 240 secs duration (about 2hrs integration time - rarely do I get more where I live).

My weapons were the Zwo ASI294MC Pro, SWED80 Refractor (on my HEQ5 Mount) and pre-emptive use of the Optolong L-eXtreme filter (the Moon was 47% illuminated).

This combination along with good luck and some limited calibration frames (no more than 10 Darks, Flats & Dark Flats) allowed me to produce my best image so far!!

Processed using DSS and Photoshop CS (with some extra 3rd party plug ins).

Hope you like.


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My previous attempt was using the same SWED80 Pro, HEQ5 Mount but a Canon 650D Camera (see image below).

Processed in DSS and Photoshop 7.

Not sure how many lights I took but I'm glad to say I think I have learned a bit about astrophotography and processing since then!!

Being a member on this forum has certainly helped!!




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