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Lines running across Stacked image from DSS

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This is M3 taken with new ZWO385asiMC camera.

Gain 60

Exposure 30s

total integration time 56 minutes. Used sharp cap to capture images and then stacked in DSS. However a set of parallel lines appeared across stacked image. Any suggestions would be great.  Not seen before when i have previously stacked using DSS. I've attached TIFF file straight from DSS stack





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Whenever I had issues like this with DSS, I did a factory reset and stacked things again.

Set everything back to default and uncomplicated settings. Use the stacking mode where DSS won't do any cropping, use bicubic debayering, don't use dark pixel removal or anything, also only use "average" stacking methods and make sure the output directory is set correctly.

Also as Elp says, ensure the issue isn't in the images being fed to DSS too!

DSS is a wonderful free program but I did also do my fair share of cursing at it as well haha.

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Ah Thankyou Pipnina a factory reset sounds good. Being meddling with settings due to new OSC colour camera compared to Canon 70d camera. So pressed wrong button somewhere along the line! Also did notice in RAW/FITS  tabs when i clicked the monochrome box for colour camera DSS doesnt like this. 


They are my individual subs Elp and havent noticed lines in the subs. So I'm presuming its something i've pressed in DSS. Use sigma clipping in sharp cap. I agree certainly lots of satellites whizzing around up there! 


Cheers Dean 

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