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M82 Cigar with 200P

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First galaxy with my galaxy scope! Unfortunately I had some sort of issue with flats as they caused the strange dark patch on the right so I had to stack without and try and process out the vignetting! Thankfully there are no dust bunnies so was easy enough using GraXpert. I always found M81 and M82 difficult to process as the galaxy cores are so bright, if push the stretch too much it just washes out the outer details. Had to take a more subdued effort with this.

180 x 60s Lum, 60 x 60s RGB, 20 x 180s Ha (R+Ha blended 50/50)


Weird dark patch on the L stack with flats applied



Final image processed in Pixinsight



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What a difference processing makes! V nice! Could it have been dew somewhere along the imaging path??? But again, looks tons better after pixinsight.......

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