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AVX Mount tracking issues

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Not sure if I am just doing something wrong but it seems after I setup my system it does not to seem to stay on target.  Do I need to press a keep on target button or something.  My system is an ADVANCED VX 8" SCHMIDT-CASSEGRAIN TELESCOPE with starsense, gps, with focus motor.  I finally tonight was able to setup the starsense and calibrate the camera both ways.  Using the hand controller with gps, and then did the setup using WiFi to iPad and using iPad to setup starsence. After setup and calibration of the starsense either of the 2 ways I described then I choose something for to look at and tell scope to go and the scope finds it no problem and the target is in center of eyepiece but after a minute or so it will not stay on target. I was under the impression that when you set it on a destination it is supposed keep on target until you choose another target. Do I need to do something once the scope first finds the target?

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The first things that come to my mind are:

  • are the clutches engaged properly?
  • is mount polar aligned? If not, then the target may slowly drift out of the field of view
  • is sidereal tracking enabled? If for example, lunar tracking is on, then the target will drift away

AVX once properly set up should keep the target for a long time.

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The mount isn't tracking in RA, or it's Periodic Error.

Once the target is centred leave for 10 minutes.

Then do a GoTo the same target.

Does the mount move an appreciable distance ?

Then Sidereal Tracking in RA is not on.

But if the GoTo move is tiny, then tracking is on but perhaps it's PE  causing the target to move in and out of view.

Alternatively, once the target is centred, check the RA reading on the handset or app.

If after 10 minutes the RA reading is different by about 10 minutes, then tracking is not on.


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First.  Yes setup is balanced. I check that ever time I setup.  

I am not familiar with RA.  Is there a section in the handheld where I can find the RA?  To see if it is turned on?  My handheld is the starsense one. 

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