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Another bubble in O[III] in Monoceros?


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Saw the other day that @gorann found a large bubble near the cone nebula. I also found a big bubble which I don't recall seeing next to the Rosette nebula. This is a heavy stretch of 3h of O[III] taken with a C6 and hyperstar + an ASI294MM. I need to shoot more and a bit above to catch it entirely.

Have you seen it before? Where and how can I find if there's an already know nebula there?

I surrounded it with orange strikes in the image below.



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23 hours ago, Elp said:

Think this one shows it in detail:

https://www.astrobin.com/rfjutc/?q=Rosette widefield

How are you finding the HS?

I can see the arc on the left side in my image in the one you mention, but barely the arc on the right side.

I had some trouble in finding the right backfocus for the C6 Hyperstar, but in the end I found a working distance and the results are on the rather good side. Stars are not perfectly round, though, they are a bit fuzzy, perhaps also due to the cables in front.
It does the job and gathers significant more light than a ~70mm refractor. Plate solve measured focal length is ~315mm. I would prefer a RASA8 and an ASI2600MM, but for now I won't complain.

23 hours ago, gorann said:

Interesting! It seems to  be associated with the Monoceros SNR. You can actually see it in one of the images (Fig. 2) in this paper:

The_Monoceros_Supernova_Remnant.pdf 6.04 MB · 6 downloads

Interesting article! I can hardly see the arc on the right side, not much more visible than in the image Elp linked.

I'll add a few more hours the following clear nights, shifted a few hundred pixels to the north to try to catch it fully.

If I look more carefully, it seems that it is a full oval through the Rosette. Or is it just my imagination?

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