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StellaMira 80mm ED f/6.25 Refractor Telescope

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I cannot comment on this exact scope, but the build quality of these is very good.
Looked at the same scope with another branding at the PAS on Saturday and very solidly built indeed.

I have a lesser glass scope from the same factory and the build quality is very good indeed.

What you do need to tell folks is are you asking for Visual observing or for Imaging purposes.
I only observe as per my signature so take my comments on observing use only basis.

Good luck with your quest.

As a final comment, its super value.

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Hi thanks for this - it’s we for me wold be imaging,  have another scope for observation but I wouldn’t be against sing it for that at some pint but it’s main purpose for me would be Astro imaging 

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I think as an imaging starter / widefield scope it would be pretty good. The 80mm FPL53 doublets has been around for a long time and are good performers. This one has a R&P focuser and decent tube rings for attaching accessories so should be a solid buy. The SM kit I have is certainly good for the money. I used to have the Evostar DS PRO version from Skywatcher and it was excellent for imaging. This one is a slightly lower F ratio so there might be a small amount of false colour - but it should still give good results. You don't say what mount you have, but you will obviously 'need' a reasonable equatorial tracking mount for imaging purposes.

I sold my ED80 - something I now regret. As well as imaging, they make great grab-and-go scopes.

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On 13/03/2023 at 20:21, Astro74 said:

Good evening 

does anyone have any experience with this frac and if so what is your opinion of it ? 

After a long absence from astronomy apart from a pair of binoculars I'm getting back into it and this telescope was my first purchase. I've had it about a year now and I'm very happy with it. The build quality is excellent, it's very "grab and go" and for my interests, the moon and clusters, it certainly pleases me. I've done some basic lunar photography which again I'm happy with. 

At its price, I think it's an excellent 'scope. I'll probably upgrade in the future but for now I'm another happy FLO customer. 

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