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Sh2-187 among dust in Cassiopeia


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I captured this young and compact nebula surrounded by some distinct dark nebulosity in the early hours of Friday. It is surprisingly rarely imaged. On purpose I kept the blue shine from Ruchbah (gamma Cas) on the left edge of the image. I kind of like it and it tells where we are in the sky.

Dual-RASA8 rig with ASI2600MC and IDAS NBZ dual-band filter (Ha+Oiii). 68 x 5 min. Processed in PI and PS, including starXT and noise XT.

Cheers & CS, Göran

20230127 Sh2-187 RASA1+2 PS16smallSign.jpg

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7 hours ago, fwm891 said:

I'm definitely liking the smaller stars...

Thanks Francis! Yes, this area could easily be overwhelmed by stars.

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5 hours ago, James said:

Lovely image, the blue shine from Ruchbah is a nice contrast to the red :)

Thanks James, and yes, I thought it looked nice to keep it in there to slightly balance all the red.

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