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M33 Adding to the Integration hours total.


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It occurred to me that Autumn 2022 is over and I have yet to image M33, one of my favourite targets, for this this season. So this is 7.43 hrs made up of 116 x 2 mins of Esprit150/QHY268Mono and 107 x 2 mins of Esprit150/QHY268OSC. Calibrated and stacked in APP, processed in PI with the now obligatory BXT,SXT and NXT tools with some SPCC, Histogram and Curves transformation. SXT left (legitimately, I presume) a lot of stars associated with the galaxy as well as the foreground stars, but they seemed to process OK.

I also have 210 mins of IMX571OSC data from the year before, so I added this into the mix to produce a 10.93 hr integration for the second image.

Thanks for looking.

7.43 hrs


10.93 hrs




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