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HEQ5 Dec motherboard connector

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Hi all, I've got a new stepper motor for my heq5, but I need to know what female connector I need to fit to the bare wires so I can connect it to the motherboard. Here's a pic:



It's the four pin connector on the bottom left. Thanks for any help.


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Do you still have the old failed motor, complete with wires and connector?
If so, the simplest method is to cut the wires a convenient length from the connector, then solder & sleeve on to the new motor.

Starting with a new connector means you need to crimp wires into terminals.
A very reliable termination - but only if you have the correct crimp tool🤔

HTH, David.

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David beet me to it.  Just cut the old connect off leaving enough wire to join the new wires from the stepper motor... Hopefully the colours are the same, but if not then you may need a multi-meter to check which wires form the coils

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JST - If you google JST connector or JST header you'll see the various types

They have different formats based on pin spacing etc

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