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Meteor last night, anyone see/capture it?

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I noticed that there was an analysis of the event from UKMON last night, and tonight there had been some manual intervention (I presume the previous version was fully AI generated) to combine what the algorithm had taken to be separate events in to a single event as it should be - it seems it's not uncomon for single events, especially very slow ones (which this was), to be incorrectly treated as multiple events.

There's also an interesting note added to the analysis that does not make much sense to me! Here's the analysis:

Summary for Event
Updated: 2023-01-11 18:31:18

shower ID -1 spo (Sporadic)
Lg 16.34° Bg -41.97° Vg 10.22km/s
mass 20g, abs. mag -2.3
best visual mag -3.2
Mass is a lower estimate based on the measured emitted energy and will significantly underestimate the mass of bright events.

Path Details
start -1.62° 51.08° 91.58km
end   -1.20° 52.37° 35.52km

Orbit Details
Semimajor axis 2.74A.U., eccentricity 0.64, inclination 10.23°, Period 4.54Y, LA Sun 288.97°, last Perihelion 2023-01-08

@Tomatobro , I don't suppose you know what is going on with the magnitude estimates? They seem all over the place, and it's not the first time!

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