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Distant Object

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This is part of an image I took of the Bee Hive cluster on the 4th  Nov 2022.

When I looked up objects in the frame, when I got to PGC2819573 I got this redshift 1.6940 on simbad

I wrote a wee python script to chug through objects, and I get this redshift 0.7578 for it

It is reported as a quasar, what I would like to know is it possible to record something so far away with an 8" scope, or is it something else or a clitch in imaging

. image.png.7d4a84d5459879ec2e2f36f3ef04058b.png

Not asking about coma ect, that is obvious.

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It is certainly possible to image distant quasars. I was looking at some of my images looking for some very distant stuff (it is on a thread somewhere - but I can't find it). I found some quasars and they were in the billions of ly away.

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