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Starsense to Dob mod


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I've just added a StarSense unit from a donor scope to my 12 inch f4 Dobsonian. I tried to keep this mod as simple as possible knowing that the more bits that are added to more likely things will shift in use. So. I had in my box of bits a riser/mounting block for a pair of guidescope rings having fitted the original rings directly to a dovetail bar. (I digress). All that I've done is to drill and tap 2x 3mm holes in the end of the riser block and coresponding 3mm holes through the StarSense plastic mounting bracket thus allowing me to fit the SS directly into the dobs finderscope mounting block ans secure with the side screws as you would with a finder scope. Hopefully the photos will mean more than my description...








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51 minutes ago, Alan White said:

Nice project FRancis, very nice indeed.
What donor scope did you go for?

I fancy trying the same for my OOUK 10" in the near future,
It amazes me that Celestron have not relesed a kit of bits for this as of yet.


Hi Alan,

Couldn't find a 70mm frac anywhere so went for the next one up. Bit more expensive but it was in stock. While they can sell scopes rather than just the bits of plastic they will. Also there's mugs like me who will buy a scope just for the plastic bits...

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Hi Francis ... this has got me very interested ... especially as flo are now selling the 80mm at a reduction of £44 ... i have a couple of scopes on a skytee but also use an 8" dob ... so interchangeble starsense unit would be perfect . and , it seems a fairly simple mod . ( luckily i have an engineering place opposite where i work , who are very keen to help in such matters as i am completely useles at DIY) 

thank you for the post .. very helpful 



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