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Having recently decided to progress from wobbling a telescope about and getting an occasional image with a phone camera! 

So I bought a long 5 inch Bresser achro,had a few problems using some etepieces but discovered pulling the diagonal out a bit cured most of it. No idea why!

A Bresser 127 mak seems to have the same problem but so far insurmountable. Only one cheap old 28mm ep shows anything .Svbony zoom,baader hyperian and other odd ones mostly useless. Love to know why please


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Not wishing to sound condescending, but are you actually focusing? Using the knobs either side of the focusing unit on the refractor, or the knob on the back of the mak? Try focusing on a distant object during daylight. Also, what focal length are the eyepieces you are trying to use? If you use too high a magnification, it will be hard to focus on a night time object.

If you're doing all this, then you could try an extension tube between the focuser and diagonal.


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Are these the white Bresser "Messier" telescopes with the black hexagonal cross section focuser? If they are Bresser have a tendency to package the required focuser extension piece separately. It goes between the part with the hexagonal cross section and the eyepiece/diagonal clamp. There is a grub screw that has to be loosened to allow the clamp to be removed. 


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8 minutes ago, toofaruphill said:

If nothing there  fits I have a  lathe , no problem

You don't need that. Fit the diagonal into the back of the telescope and the eyepiece into the diagonal. Turn the focuser knob until you get to focus. If you go all the way to the end and it won't turn any further you went the wrong way so turn it the other way until you find focus. Try in the daytime. If you can focus on something reasonably far away see which way you need to turn the knob to focus on something a bit further away. The stars are even further away so that is the direction you will need to turn the knob to focus at night.

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