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Newt user choosing a refractor for imaging - advice please

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Hi all

Since starting the AP game I've used only Newtonians.  Started with a SW 130PDS and then moved to a 200PDS.

Now I'm wanting to try a refractor but I could do with some advice.  I shoot galaxies and nebulae and the telescope would be mounted on an EQ6R-pro on a pier in my roll-off roof obsy. 

My first thoughts are something like an F/7 5inch triplet.  I was looking at the Explore Scientific ED APO 127mm f/7.5 either Carbon Fibre or Aluminium or the Altair Wave Series 130EDT-F F7.  Or maybe a slightly faster StellaMira 90mm ED triplet apochromatic refractor.

Not sure if I need to consider the carbon fibre option or not.  I know the weight of a 5inch scope would be at the top end of what my mount can cope with so was thinking that carbon fibre would be sensible to reduce the weight but what are the drawbacks (apart from the cost, of course)?

Any comments on these choices or other suggestions welcome.  


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Just bumping this post in case everyone wss too full of Christmas spirit - that Bailey's really does send you to sleep, does it? - to read SGL over the festive period.  Anyone want to help me spend my money?

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The TS scopes come highly recommended as I've read. My first apo was a WO Z61, a scope I still have and it hasn't failed me once whether solar system imaging, deepsky etc. If I were to buy a larger aperture one I would certainly look at them again.

Is there any reason why you want to try a refractor as you won't get that large aperture light gathering capability a Newtonian provides.

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I've had an Altair 115 Wave Series EDT APO refractor. Brilliant, and I've wished many times I'd never sold it.

The problem with astronomers is that there is never one scope that will do all the things you want to see or image. Some scopes are good all-rounders (the 115 was that) but you will always look at the ads and druel over things at the astro showcases.

It's rare that you can't get a reducer, field flattener, focal extender, camera adapter... to suit any scope. So like most of us. We do the research and then go with that gut feeling and a couple of years down the line we start all over again. It's what FLO are there for!

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I've very nearly used them all. You do get slightly better contrast with an apo refractor but for me I've found any increase in aperture is the single most dramatic change you can make.

I've currently settled on my Z61, C6 and SY135mm, trying to keep it all portable.

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