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Just pulled the trigger on a good deal for a SkyWatcher 250P, so 10" dob at f/4.7.

Until now I have been using a humble achro, the f/8.3 120mm version.

Although I'm mad excited Im aware I have to possibly do some levelling up on eyepieces due to the fast scope.

With the achro I've been using 28mm & 15 mm plossl that came with an old Astroscan (they are very nice) and 8mm Starguider.

Just looking to get some confirmation that Im in the right ballpark for what I need to consider.

I'm lining up the SV Bony Sv19 UF 18mm &10mm and also a 30mm UF StellaLyra (or equivalent brand).

Would this put me on the right path for f/4.7 roughly?



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For my 5F 10 inch i am really fond of what FLO sells as a Stellyra 14 and 20mm 2 inch eyepieces.  I wont say they will be all you need but they are very good eyepieces. 


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A warm welcome to the Dob club, they are the simplest way to get into observing the night sky.

As for eyepieces, these days so many choices. Depends on your budget but for medium to high power the 12/8/5mm BST Starguiders can’t be beaten for value for money.

BTW, don’t get rid of the Astroscan, I love mine to bits for a quick look at what’s up😊

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Welcome to the Dob Mob.

The 30mm SL UF is a great start. Excellent quality. x40 and 1.75° is ideal for wide field.

I'd also recommend these:


I have the complete set. I'd recommend the 13mm and 7mm to start. The 13mm gives x92 which is excellent for galaxies; the 7mm at x171 will give nice sharp planets.

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