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  1. Has anyone had any dealings Optics Land on eBay? Starting to get nervous about my delivery of a Skywatcher steel tripod, purchased in Jan, delivery was due to last Sat. It took about 3 or 4 weeks for my eBay order to be updated to being shipped. I'm aware of all delays, but the expected delivery date was quite some time after purchasing ... . Sigh
  2. Most of my time spent on this section is me dealing with envy of UK residents Like right now
  3. My only active scope at the moment is the 4" Astroscan which is not collimatable (well with any ease). The widefield views are great, really opens up star hopping. Have seen lots of firsts with it. Trying to push it at around 100x for double stars shows it's limitations. But I love it
  4. I caught 2 of them nicely in a 4" really fast F/4.2 Newtonian. Couldnt catch the third onethat night though. It was 3 o clock in the morning and when I came back into the kitchen I was weirded out by the 35 million year timeframe of what I just saw. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eocene
  5. Just caught the lunar X for first time ever, wasn't even looking for it, at about 60x it just jumped out. I had to check images online to confirm, seems like I caught it not long before the terminator moves and kills it. Once I googled it I realised I got to see the V also. This was about 20.45. Lovely calm night here in SE Ireland, not much twinkle going on. The eyepieces started to dew up though, might pop back out later
  6. I caught some of this this evening. Picked Jupiter up not long after sunset. Couldn't see any of the other two. Mercury was to be the second brightest and was to be just out ofy 3"FOV. So I kept looking for that (in between throwing frisbee for dog). I finally caught it just as it was setting. Maybe caught it for about a minute or two as it set. I had a clear distant horizon. Saturn wasn't visible to me at this time so went home. I think that was at half five. It was the lowest object I've ever seen n the sky apart from sun and moon!
  7. I've seen M1 for the first time recently. With my 4" F4.2 Astroscan. At 16x with the 28mm eyepiece. Just smudgy but clearly there. Clocking off loads of Messiers stuff with that scope that I've never gotten to see before. That's from a suburban back garden. Not M33 yet, but gonna keep trying
  8. Lovely stuff, even short sessions under the sky between clouds grounds me like nothing else. Well, that and cycling How the changing sky ties me into the seasons makes me feel connected with everything. Rather then just being in my own head bubble.
  9. Muc

    Tripod for SkyTee 2

    If anyone has the steel tripod for SkyTee 2 mount that would be interested in rehoming then please get in touch
  10. tried for M79 last night, too low though, sky was too bright. Found the location alright but couldnt see it
  11. Didn't see them tonight but did catch the 4% moon setting which is the youngest I've ever seen it. So lovely. Another good thing about the conjunction!
  12. Never heard pf the Moore Winter Marathon, must a look, nice to have something to aim for to make use of the few cloud breaks
  13. Got clear skies meself, just have to eat dinner and walk Hope she is in the mood for a brisk one cause I need some sky time
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