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Dobsonian and EQ platform test last night


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Just recently bought myself a s/h OO VX12 dobsonian which I've been initially trying out visually. But me being me I had to put a camera on it (supprised I've taken so long!).

I had built an EQ platform for a TS 10 inch dob probably 4-5 years ago mainly from bits on flea bay, so I tried VX12 on it last night.

The attached used a Nikon D5100 mono modified camera @ 400 iso to capture 20x 10 second subs. I didn't adjust the track rate well enough as stars show some drift, but good enough to want to try again.

RAW files: Processed (stacked in) PI and further tweaked in PS CS3.

I hope you like


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Hi Francis, that looks like a good result. When you say 'modified' so you mean someone has stripped the Bayer mask off for you or something else ?

I'm sure you can find a way to go longer with better adjustment. 

I'm heading the alt az and rotator route myself for now.  

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@skybadger & @Alan White

Re  the mono mod. I bough this off a Guy in Finland? who stripped the chip's bayer matrix and filters completely. I think there's a threat on here about the stripping process...

Alan - will get round to that. Raining at present so doubtful today.

I think I've posted a thread on the EQ platform....?

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