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NGC 7358 to Cave HaSHO


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Not happy with fine scale noise and chromatic infidelity.  Showing promise though.  Should be smoother and less Chunky with 25 hours.  

FS! 106 with .6x reducer and ASi 1600 130 300 sec Ha; 101 300 sec OIII; 77 300 sec SII


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4 hours ago, simmo39 said:

Yep Rodd. another fine image. How do you find the time and clear skies? if i have clear skies im busy with other things and when I can get time to get outside its always cloudy!

Well, I prioritize imaging--Perhaps I should start ApA (Astrophotography Anonymous).  In case someone takes offense at a jest of this nature.....I assure, I am not jesting.  As far as clear sky--lately I have gotten more clear sky than is typical for me.  This past year I averaged about 2 nights/month.  When using the C11Edge it was particularly bad, as that setup is very sensitive to even the slightest breeze.  So between LP, wind, clouds, and the full Moon, imaging time was rare.  Lately--there has been improvement.  I hope it continues

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