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Options for low power right angled binoviewing

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I really enjoyed low power viewing with my binoculars last night, but straight through viewing was a pain in the neck - literally! I lay on my damp and hard garden bench which was much better for overhead, but not ideal. I then got out my 10x60 RACI finder and found it instantly much more comfortable. I could go the parallelogram route with my bins, but seems overkill for 10x50s. I know there is the angled mirror option, which I might look at as a last resort. But I’m wondering:

- Is it possible to lash two of these 10x60 RACI finders together to get a right angled binocular (my inter-pupillary distance is 65mm)

- Does anyone sell 90 binoculars this small? I know you can get plenty of 45 degree giant binoculars, but I want a 90 degree small binocular!!

- is an alternative route to get a fast 70-80mm refractor and cut the tube down so I can use my binoviewer and low power eyepieces? I’m thinking the magnification would be more like 20x min in this configuration which is still pretty low.

Any thoughts appreciated.

@Peter Drew I know you have lots of bino-scope experience, so tagging you! 

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26 minutes ago, JAC51 said:

APM  have 70mm right angle binoculars which are the smallest I have seen

Thanks hadn’t spotted that - I think it’s these. Interesting that they are triplets. Not cheap but should provide outstanding views I would think and potential for powers up to 100x. Thing is I only need low power and these are possibly ‘too good’ for my needs! 

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It's relatively easy to make such a low power binocular with angled eyepieces.  The one I showed on CN took me an afternoon to make using odds and ends apart from the wide angle eyepieces.  It would be even simpler to make one from two RACI finders provided that you were content to have them fixed at the base magnification and your personal IPD.  The latter specifications can be addressed with a more sophisticated arrangement.  The views and viewing comfort are excellent.      🙂

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