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No mirror clips on a Skywatcher 16" Dobsonian

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Hi,  this is a bit of an odd question,

I have had my 16" Skywatcher GOTO Dobsinian for a few years and i have only just realized that it doesn't have any mirror clips.

Only really noticed it yesterday when i had the primary mirror out for cleaning as it was really bad .

I am just interested to know if this is how the 16" versions are supposed to be?

It is basically held on by hat i am guessing is a large center bolt on the bottom of the mirror,  there is a small cap that i am guessing hides the main center bolt.

I didn't take any photos of it at the time as i just didn't notice it until i used it last night,  couldn't get a decent focus on the planets,  so just put it down to poor seeing conditions last night.

But found the manual online here:  https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1450450/Sky-Watcher-Dobsonian-Synscan.html?page=7 and definitely no mirror clips there

I thought i was fairly good at collimating these scopes,  but after doing a bit more back reading,  i realize people are talking about making sure yo get the 3 mirror clips centered by adjusting the secondary mirror.

This just clicked to me that i don't have any mirror clips holding my primary mirror.

So just interested to know if this is correct for the 16" Skywatcher Dobsonian to not have any mirror clips around the edge of the primary mirror?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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No mirror clips on my 30" mirror either.  It has a 3" central hole that sits on a 3" boss, a front cover plate sandwiching a rubber O ring prevents it from falling off.  No mirror clips on SCT's or Maks for similar reasons.    🙂

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