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Five Moons & Jupiter

Mandy D

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I had a look to see how Jupiter and our Moon were lining up last night ready for tonight's closer encounter and managed to get Jupiter, the four Gallilean moons and our own Moon in a single image. The photo was taken at 22:45, about five minutes before the start of Europa's transit across the disc of Jupiter. In the cropped and enlarged (2x) image, you can just make out Europa touching the edge of Jupiter. Hoping for clear skies tonight, so I can tackle this with a much longer focal length and have all four Gallilean moons lined up to the left, well away from Jupiter .

In last night's image, the order of the moons is, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, Io, Luna(!) - the latter, of course missing in my second image!

Nikon D800, 135 mm, f/2, ISO-400, 1/4s



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