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1st July more struggles

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Battling away out there but not really getting anything i am happy with. Its a up and down game planetary imaging. When your on the up, its great. when your on the down its frustrating. But still if its in your blood then you do it regardless 

Orion 245 that i may have to tweak after cleaning collimating. not sure if the mirror is too tight yet. QHY462 C

All RGBs 



july 1st b.png c.png d.png

1st july 2.png 2.png s.png

seeing example Jupiter 300 frames SER FILE




pipp 1st July.png 75.png

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1 hour ago, Kon said:

Good efforts on all fronts. Your Mars is looking pretty good with nice dark/light areas and a nice polar cap.

Cheers my first Mars for many many years. Wasnt confident on the mirror cell setup ive reset it slightly looser.  Might test in a little while 


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9 hours ago, morimarty said:

Battling away Neil as produced 3 very respectable images. I am suprised at the detail you have captured in the mars image. It really is looking very promising for the season.

Cheers Martyn. Mars should be good fairly soon. I missed the last opposition. As i gave up.

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