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Walking on the Moon

eyepieces for tal 100r

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hi all

can advise me:icon_scratch: .... will a low power eyepiece (30 to 40mm plossls) give me a wide(or wider ) field of view all be my apperture is 100mm...and also can anybody suggest a good high power planetary eyepiece(not to expensive like naglers etc)

regards chazbear

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Hi chazbear.

Is your scope the 100RS or the 100R?

The RS has the capacity to use 2" eyepieces and the focusser looks like this,


The 'R' has a 1.25" focusser with limited travel and looks like this,


It'll depend what model it is before recommending a wide field of view eyepiece.

But as a high power eyepiece in either scope I would recommend a 6mm ortho type or if you prefer better eye relief, a 6mm tmb/burgess planetary or similar.

My best ever view of Saturn was with a 100RS and a 6mm U.O. ortho.



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I used to have a TAL100R and it was an excellent scope

If you are stuck with the 1.25" diagonal (ie: the 100R model) then I would recommend a 32mm Plossl - TAL's own ones are pretty good. A 40mm will not show any more sky despite the lower power and has a narrower field of view which is not so nice to look through IMHO.

For high power (the TAL100 will go up to 200x with reasonable comfort) I would go with Andy's recommendation of an Ortho - they can be picked up pretty cheaply.

With an F/10 scope you really don't need to spend £££'s to get good performance.

If you have got the capability to fit a 2" diagonal and use 2" eyepieces you can get much wider fields of view with something like the a 38mm Rigel SWA.


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Hello "chazbear!"

I had the TAL100RS. (Regret selling it now!!). It's a great traditional scope. As far as I can remember, it's an f10 1,000 mm focal length. This means that it will give a max magnification of around 250x. (under the best seeing conditions).

A 6mm Orthoscopic eyepiece will give you 166x. It will (as Andy says) give you stunning views of the Moon, but the eye relief will be pretty tight - this can make prolonged viewing a bit uncomfortable.

You could try a 10mm Plossl in conjunction with a 2x barlow. This would give a mag of 200x which would be near the limit for the TAL.

Also, using a Barlow would give you the versatility of having another set of eyepices - as you can use it with all your eyepieces.

I personally found that the 6mm Orthoscopic, and a 5mm Vixen Lanthanum, didn't really perform best with the TAL100RS. I much more preferred to use a 10mm and TAL's own 26mm (with my Celestron Ultima 2x Barlow). I also successfully used a pair of Binoviewers (fitted with 26mm plossls) in conjunction with my Ultima Barlow. This combination gave me the most stunning and almost "3D" views of the Moon and Planets.

Yes, with the right eyepieces, the TAL100RS is a truly great scope.

Forgive me if I'm telling you things you already know!

Best wishes,


You could

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