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  1. thanks for reply guys ...some food for thought I think new camera would be the easier option regards chazbear
  2. hi there im very new to this game.. first my webcam is a phillips spc 900 with the usuall nose adaptor for the eyepiece,so we had a go tonight by the way im also using sharpcap and every thing is set up and good on the laptop took a few captures. The first question is ...is there any way of reducing the image it seems the magnification is about equivilant to a 10 mm eyepiece maybe a bit more..great for close up work but the tracking is a problem and ofcourse registax does not like a lot of movement ....What im trying to say is I would like to see the whole moon and not close up if that makes a
  3. hi gina im afraid the answer is no...that task felt a bit scary and very time consuming may be one day....I just bought the various bits ...the primary and secondary..the focuser....and the guide scope.Appart the rest I made my self the tube...spider and the mirror cell and set it up myself thanks for asking if there is anything else you wish toknow don't hesitate to ask regards chazbear
  4. hi all as promised a while ago this is the result of about a year and a halfs worth of project my 6inch f8 reflector .here is on image that I took last night 21 sept abt 10.30..to me its not too bad but always room for improvement.i may . have overcooked the image slightly but there will be plenty more nights to get better results.A25mm eyepiece was used and a small Olympus digital camera regards chazbear
  5. hi all this is really a first light image using my hand knitted reflector its a 6 inch f8 reflector on a tripod mount im fairly pleased with this image but hopefully there is room for improvement...I know that a full moon is not the best for bringing out detail but is was the only window I had at the time. will post more soon regards chazbear
  6. well done there are not many of us left..just finished my own project last night 6inch reflector so im waiting for clear shies..will post in results once again well done regards chazbear
  7. hi all thanks to all who took the time to comment....will keep you posted as to how my scope performes at night which should be quite soon post some pics of the next moon regards chazbear
  8. hi chazbear here at last im am proud to say i have finished my 6inch newt telescope with thanks to stellafane site has been invaluable...my scope is more or less built to the stellafane instructions with a few differences one my primary is f8 and the other main difference is the mount from which was taken from another site but basicly a few bits of pipe and a tee piece on to the tri pod....the mount rings are made of 20mm ply which i turned out the centre hole using a lathe ensuring a good fit to grip the tube and the rest of the shape using a jig saw... and a piece of aluminium angle drilled
  9. chazbear thanks for the last tip sky gibbon will definately try that one. .(was your home brew scope on the stellafane page by any chance thats where i got my info).infact i was thinking down that lines(desperation)...anyway thanks to all who made the time to give advice i will let you know on the out come ...again many thanks chazbear
  10. chazbear well that seemed to cause a stir in the nest sorry about that...now im a we bit confused... should i increase the distance between mirrors or shorten had a go tonight made distance 40 inches between the mirrors but still the focuser is fully racked in.... target the moon so im kinda getting there regards chazbear
  11. hi from chazbear finally got my f8 dob together this morning but getting correct focus is a problem within 10/20 feet using 25mm eye piece no problem sharp as a tack but distance not so good i tried to focus on a tree top about 50 yards away but no sucess did all the calculations...focal length 48/1m 220 minus half tube dia105 plus focuser height 90mm(does that have to be fully extended)plus 25mm which comes to 1m 230 from center of focuser to face of primary i know for a fact my target should have been at least a mile but that was the nearest thing at hand(tree top) any suggestions as to wh
  12. hi peter my mount is the goto verson regards chazbear
  13. hello went out last night with full intentions of having lunar photo session but that was not to happen....set up camera on scope went to plug in the battery pack and nothing...went back indoors to trouble shoot the problem...it seemed that the pack for some reason had over heated(short out) some of the battery spring connectors had melted...so i replaced all the batterys with new and it immediatly heated up...found out where the short was and insulated the area..had a fiddle and the mount started to work after that it hasent worked..took the pack out again and checked all connections..seem fi
  14. hi there these images are excellent well done....must dig out my tall 100 for an airing forgot just how good images can be regards chaz bear north scotland
  15. hi finally got back to my last years project my 6 inch dob ...i am looking to find some drawings to make a spider and diagonal mirror mount there is plenty choice ie stellafane backyard voyager etc but there no dimensionsie how long should the draw bolt be diamater of tube to fix mirror on so it goes on can anybody suggest or has plans to making one by the way i have the mirror and i am using 8inch tubing many thanks chaz bear
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