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Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

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Kind of sounds like some crazy rock band of the God's!

This morning I planned on a quick session of viewing the three in the morning twilight. 

Jupiter and Mars have finally risen above the Cyprus trees I consider, untouchable. 

Venus was barely above the wall of my observatory. 

Both Jupiter and Venus were so brilliant that the diffraction spikes were huge!

Three moons were easily seen with Jupiter along with the main equatorial bands. Occasionally for just a moment I could glimpse some more banding.

Mars was a bright red dot with my 3x Barlow and 23mm eyepiece.

Only down side is the mosquitoes are also making their return.

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I have to decide to get up early to start seeing the planets, for Mars then waiting for the opposition at the beginning of December is both a bit far away and there will be a lot of cold as opposed to now which is making a low of 20 C abundant. Since this year's opposition is less favorable than that of 2020 (about 17 "instead of 22" .6) it is better to do some training first (both visually and with the planetary camera I bought, the SV 305).
For mosquitoes it is a common problem ... for about ten years if I do not spray the Autan, in the summer I am devoured alive by mosquitoes & papatacci!

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