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Walking on the Moon

The Moon


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Here's a couple more moon photos. Taken afocally, holding my Olympus e400 up to the EP. 32mm plossl for the first couple, 10mm through a 2x barlow for the close-ups. Shooting through the high magnification is hard! But I think I got the focus pretty close! I think the close-up is Tycho....

EDIT: No, I don't think I used a barlow on the closeup...




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I found focusing was easy enough, it was getting lined up that was difficult, especially at higher magnifications I also tried using a tripod to hold the camera, but that was an abject failure due to the fact that the tripod is really not very good.... So I am going to try to borrow a mate's tripod, and see if it works better, so I can get a bit longer exposure on the close-ups... Although, I kinda like the dark, almost spooky image in teh third photo....

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