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  1. And sadly, they're probably the ones who are mining for the precious metals inside the phone, or even putting the phone together on five quid a week!
  2. Straight away, I thought "It's turtles all the way down...." EDIT: Luckily, this is a geeky enough forum that I'm guessing at least half the people here will get it...
  3. Remember, if you're trying to look at the sun through a telescope, you should always squint.
  4. I'd personally go the other way, and get a 32mm Plossl. You've got plenty of magnification from the 10mm and barlow combination, but a good 32mm will give you amazing wide-angle views. The Pleiades, the moon, the milky way, all look best (in my opinion) through a nice wide view. And, as far as I understand, you get "more for your money" with a 'bigger' (i.e. 32 vs 10) EP, meaning for £40 you'd get a much better quality 32mm than 8mm. I got the 32mm Skywatcher plossl from FLO for about 30 quid, I think, and it's my favorite EP. Especially with the inconsistent viewing here in the UK, you're lu
  5. This can help a bit with lighter tripods: Get three sandbags, and hang them on the legs. This will weigh down the tripod, and make it stick to the ground a tad better. Also dampens a lot of vibrations... If ya can't get sandbags, and your tripod has a tray between the legs, stick a couple big bags of sugar, flour, or whatever else you've got in your cupboards on it. It does make a difference!
  6. The ones I've been trying are all black... I will keep an eye out for a grey one! -eli
  7. Ok, I am going to try to make myself a collimator cap. All the instructions I've found say to use an empty film canister. But the three I've found, none of them fit down the eyepiece hole! Are film canisters not a standard size? Am I doing something wrong? HelP! -eli
  8. Hullo, All! Bit of a cheeky request, but I am looking to borrow a Cheshire Collimator (or something similar) for a couple days. I can't afford to drop thirty squid on one at the moment (although I know I will need to eventually), but my scope's all out of line. I'm a (fairly) trustworthy fellow, and promise to return it as soon as I've collimated. If, on the other hand, someone has an old one they are willing to sell for cheap, then that works too! But ideally, at the moment, I'd just like the lend of one... Someone please help me out! I can see saturn, and am desperate to have a closer look
  9. Nuke it. Seriously, blow it out of the sky. Never did us a lick of good, anyway.
  10. I just took this picture of the Andromeda Galaxy: It really does exist, so you can't deny it.
  11. How do you mean, flip them to 90*? I only really need it as an EQ mount when I am doing imaging... I frequently wish I'd got an alt-az, just for set-up time...
  12. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT get anything with an EQ mount (that's the complicated looking one with the great big counterweight sticking out.) My reasons: If it is you and your five-year-old using it, you will be CONSTANTLY twisting it, fiddling around trying to get the eyepiece to a place you can both use it. Otherwise you will get pretty tired lifting your sprog so she can get a look in... I have tried showing a kid the wonders of the universe with an EQ mount, and it is a right pain in the ***. At least with an alt-az you can put the wee'un on a chair and don't have to contort yourself to get
  13. I've seen plenty of things I can't explain, but I have no doubt there is a logical explanation for them.
  14. Never mind lighting up the night sky, the rings would physically block a large portion of it. And apart from the effect on tides, It would also cast HUGE shadows, drastically altering the climate. All in all, it would be rubbish.
  15. Good point! I live in Ferndown, just outside Bournemouth. -eli
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