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APT live View settings


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Depending on what filter I'm using depends on the exposure time.. for luminance , I use 4 secs but it works on 2

For HA I use 6 secs but might get away with 4..  I've never had it flag up that there's not enough stars.. 

Can't help with gain/ offset as I use a ccd, but aren't they ment to be more sensitive on shorter exposures as their read noise is so much better?  So I'm my eyes you shouldn't have to adjust to plate solve

You don't need to use live view, just press shoot and then solve the image

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Like the others, I don't use Live View for plate solving.

Firstly, I would advise installing all three solving applications, ASTAP, PS2 & ASPS. I originally only used PS2 & ASPS but had a few failures when plate solving. Not had any issues since installing ASTAP as well. ;) 

With my ASI294MC Pro camera, I use 10s at gain 300 and have the timeout set to 180s.

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